Governing Board

Executive Committee

Rami Bridge
West Somerville

Vice President
Megan Brady
Kennedy School

Recording Secretary
Mark Quinones
Somerville High School

Treasurer/Membership Chair
Theresa Nickerson
East Somerville Community School

Grievance Chair
Jamal Halawa
Somerville High School

Board of Directors 2019-2020

Sharyn Lamer
Adrienne Lievense

Sharyn VonTrapp

Capuano EEC
Margaret Whittier-Ferguson

East Somerville Community School
Julie Allen
Roy Gardner

Full Circle/Next Wave
Agnes Gallant
Tom Serino

Healey School
Ben Garton
Steve Stephano

Kennedy School
Patricia DiPasquale
Courtney Rizzo/Lindsey Tosches

Hilary Sallick

Somerville High School
Carlos Contreras
Mario Sousa
Cathy Maguire

West Somerville Neighborhood School
Sharon Levesque (At Large)
Les Lartey (At Large)
Marissa Roque

Winter Hill Community Innovation School
Linda Walsh
Lindsay Weaver

Immediate Past President
Jackie Lawrence

**There is an open board position open at  the Capuano. There is also one at-large position open.