Mass Child Grants AVAILABLE!

The Massachusetts Child (Mass Child) is a charitable corporation founded by the MTA in 1996. We reimburse MTA’s pre-K-12 local associations for expenses that directly benefit students in need, making it possible for them to succeed. The Mass Child Board of Directors reviews requests on a case-by-case basis to confirm that they meet the guidelines.
Locals with 500 or fewer members may receive grants of up to $1,000 per school year.
Locals with more than 500 members are eligible to receive reimbursement equal to $2 per member.
What We Reimburse
Mass Child is a resource for MTA members who want to provide their students with warm clothing, appropriate footwear, bags or backpacks, and materials not routinely supplied by schools, such as notebooks and binders. Purchases must be for specific children, and Mass Child cannot reimburse a local for bulk purchases.
Per a vote of the Board of Directors in 2016, costs associated with field trips, electronics (such as calculators and computer hardware and software) and extracurricular items in general, are not reimbursable items. The decision was not made lightly but intended to preserve resources so that we can help as many children as possible at a time of high demand.

Last year, Somerville Teachers sought reimbursement for eyeglasses for three students, winter coats for a number of students,  and work boots/shoes for students in the CTE programs at Somerville High School.  If you are interested in seeking a reimbursement grant, please call the office (617-666-0600) to confirm the funds are available or email Jackie at  

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