Information for Paraprofessionals

As we start back to the school year, we want to take an opportunity to remind you that the contract entitles each Professional to a 15 minute break.  This is in addition to a 30 minute  duty free lunch break.  We have heard from a few of our members that they have had challenges accessing a break and on a few occasions have missed a lunch break.  If this happens to you, we recommend that you document the date as well as any relevant information and contact your STA Building Representative or feel free to call Jackie at 617-666-0600.  Beyond the fact that this is contract language, the STA believes that getting a break and lunch help our members feel valued.

Language from your contract:

                   “A Paraprofessional’s quitting time shall be six and one-half (6.5) hours after the starting time, including six (6) hours of paid work time plus a thirty (30) minute duty-free lunch.
C. A Paraprofessional shall be scheduled to receive one (1) duty-free break per day, not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes.

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