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  • Unit C Paraprofessional Contract Ratifies

    This week the paraprofessional contract was ratified. Of the 117 voting members, 85 voted in favor, and 0 voted against. The paraprofessionals won two of our core proposals. The starting salary will increase from $20,680 to $25,000, and paraprofessionals will earn job security after 4 years. Our path to this contract dates back over a year, and our success would… Continue reading "Unit C Paraprofessional Contract Ratifies"

  • MTA Annual Meeting

    The MTA annual meeting is Friday, May 1st, and Saturday, May 2nd, in Springfield. This is an important annual meeting: not only is the current leadership (including president Merrie Najimy who spoke at our rally last week!) up for reelection, but delegates will also vote on whether the MTA should allow online voting. Rami anticipates the STA being allotted eleven… Continue reading "MTA Annual Meeting"

  • Stand Up For Paras

    JOIN US at the School Committee Meeting to Stand up for Somerville Public Schools Paraprofessionals fighting for fair salaries and job security. MEET UP (5:30) & WALK IN (6:45)! 5:30pm @ Highland ave and School Street STA and community members are encouraged to meet at the corner of Highland Ave and School Street for a pre-meeting gathering! Let’s make our… Continue reading "Stand Up For Paras"

  • Statement of Support for LGBTQ+ Student

    At Tuesday’s board meeting, the board unanimously passed the following statement of support for our schools’ LGBTQ+ students and for our educators who are working to create and run GSA clubs. The Somerville Teachers Association (STA) believes that learning communities, schools, and school systems are responsible for providing all students with a physically and emotionally safe learning environment. The STA… Continue reading "Statement of Support for LGBTQ+ Student"

  • School Committee Candidate Forum

    Join us on Wednesday, October, 23, 2019 from 6:30-8:00 PM at Kennedy School for a Q & A with School Committee Candidates in Wards 3 and & 7. Click to see the flyer with more information. English School Committee Forum Flyer Spanish School Committee Forum Flyer Haitian Creole School Committee Forum Flyer Portuguese School Committee Forum Flyer  

  • Para Contract Ratification Meeting

    The Contract Ratification Meeting will be on Wednesday, October 16th at 2:00 PM at the Capuano Early Childhood Center (150 Glen Street) in the Cafeteria. You have permission from central administration to leave school early to arrive for the meeting at 2:00. The meeting will begin promptly at 2:00. At 2:30 voting can begin, but only when a majority of paras have decided to… Continue reading "Para Contract Ratification Meeting"

  • Calling All Paras

    The Paraeducator Bargaining Team and representatives of Somerville School Committee have finalized the language of the new contract. It was distributed to paras on Friday September 27th and a ratification vote will be scheduled shortly. Please see your building representatives with any questions.

  • Homework Focus Groups

    All teachers and para educators are invited to participate in a focus group to share their ideas and opinions about homework practices in their grade levels, subjects, and schools. The information collected through these focus groups will help to inform School Committee Policy around homework. One focus group will be held at each school though educators are welcome to attend… Continue reading "Homework Focus Groups"

  • Welcome Back Party 2019!

    On Friday, September 27, the STA had a special meeting and unanimously approved the STA budget for the year. Then, STA members went to Olde Magoun’s Saloon for a welcome back party, which 75 people attended! A special shout out the Welcome Back Committee for planning such a successful event. It was awesome to see so many members come out,… Continue reading "Welcome Back Party 2019!"

  • Unit A Contract Ratifies

    On behalf of the Negotiations Team, I am very pleased to inform you that the contract was ratified. In what I believe to be a record turn out, there were 311 members who voted. 250 Members voted to ratify the Memorandum of Agreement 61 Members voted against the Memorandum of Agreement The Team is very appreciative of the time members… Continue reading "Unit A Contract Ratifies"